About Us

The Allied Group Story

As a trusted industry leader with over 20 years of experience, The Allied Group provides our clients with high-quality interior solutions delivered with expectational customer service.

We are a collective of companies committed to dynamic growth, product excellence, and creative ingenuity. Along the way we have fostered long-lasting partnerships with many major suppliers to ensure that we can provide consistent quality material at competitive prices.

With a team of trendsetting designers, skilled craftsmen, and cutting-edge technology we create a seamless client experience that results in unrivaled finished spaces.


Leading the Industry

Trendsetting Design

We take pride in being a key and trusted resource to our partners and customers. Our passion for authentic craftsmanship and trend-forward thinking drives us to create the most distinct and innovative products available in the industry.

Our goal as a leading stone Importer, Fabricator, and expert Installer, is to continue leading the industry as the premier destination for natural and engineered material, and custom cabinetry. We continuously deliver trendsetting and innovative design inspirations to our customers and partners.

Our Ethos


Our Vision

To be a fully integrated and trend-forward home interior solutions provider with best-in-class products and services.


Our Mission

To help families create their dream kitchens and baths, by providing a truly one-stop countertop and cabinetry purchasing experience, by using authentic craftsmanship, innovative turnkey solutions, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.


Customer Service

First and foremost, we are a customer-focused company. We’re responsive, respectful, efficient, and work to make every project end with a successful outcome.


Continuous Improvement

We seek continuous improvement in everything we do. Our goal is to eliminate mistakes and refine our processes to be as efficient as possible. We constantly seek to understand production challenges and strive to reduce waste, improve process efficiency, and minimize supply chain wait times.


Everything you can imagine

Our Team & Talents


We believe in the value of teamwork. Therefore, we’ll maintain an environment that:

  • Facilitates constructive and effective communication throughout
  • Respects the diversity of thoughts and opinions
  • Fosters participation, collaboration, and cooperation
  • Supports personal and team development initiatives
  • Embraces the diversity and inclusion of all our employees